Imaginative Creative  Education

“Potential fails with wrong questions and answers.”

Welcome to Imaginative-Creative-Education (I-C-E).

I-C-E offers three main services:

  • 'Q.Z' - a collaborative quiz event for all ages in a variety of settings.
  • Research & Presentation Skills’ - is a course where pupils/students are encouraged to examine a topic/subject and present their findings before an audience. The presenters are expected to rely on their knowledge and passion of the subject with little recourse to notes whilst presenting. A Q & A session follows each presentation.

Our Team's Background

Our facilitators have a combined educational experience in colleges, schools, nursing, sports and faith groups, as lecturers, teachers, tutors and instructors, within formal and informal learning environments.

I-C-E also partners with Education Quizzes- who provide our education quiz questions.